We arrange a number of Trackdays during the year, both for cars and motorcycles.

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Training Race Car

Licence with competition car for you

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Trackday Street Car

Drive your street-registered car on the track.

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Trackday MC

Have fun and develop your technique on the track.

The Racing Circuit

Drivecenter Arena Race Track Map 1

N 65°6'50.5E 20°45'26.1

One of the northernmost courses in the world to benefit from the midnight sun.

5 000st

Grandstands seating 5,000 are available for spectators to enjoy the view.

4 235m

Scandinavia’s longest racing track. Drawn by the Austrian, Franz Wurz.

3 370m

The short track course of 3,370 m is used for training, track days and events with cars and motorbikes.