Clio Cup

Here you get to try out our Clio Cup cars – a racing car manufactured by Renault that competes in series all over the world. With a lively turbo engine, sequential gearbox and racing chassis, it’s a really great driving experience. We always start with a drivers’ meeting, including a run-through of how you are expected to act on a race track and how the car works. You then drive six laps behind an instructor, who will indicate the fastest lines, followed by six laps at your own pace. Clio Cup events are also organised on fixed dates during the season. For larger groups, please contact us to find out what dates are available to book.  


Make sure to wear full-cover comfortable clothes and flat shoes when you arrive at the track.

If a helmet and balaclava are needed, these are available to borrow.

“Yes, it works just as well provided the vehicle has two seats.

When riding with an experienced driver, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the laps offered for self-driving.”

A driver’s license is required if you’re going to drive the vehicle.

Insurance is included; however, in case of damage, there will be a deductible.

It’s fine to bring companions; they’ll need to follow instructions given on-site.