Racing School

Have you dreamt of driving a racing car on a track? With this driving activity, you have the opportunity to develop your driving technique, tactics and strategy on the race track. Our aim is to ensure you have a fun day on the track that is both educational and memorable. ARRANGEMENTS The day begins with all the participants changing into full racing gear. After that, the participants receive a detailed theory run-through lasting about 1 hour. In addition to safety and rules, we go through track selection, braking technique, driving technique, gear changes, braking points and much more. The aim of this is for you to feel safe, secure and aware when we subsequently start driving on the track. After completing the theory run-through, it’s time to take our place in the cars. This will be a training session, where everyone will drive their first laps on the track (2 x 6 laps). The first session is driven behind the instructor, who will indicate the right lines, enabling you to “find your way around the track” and increase your speed as quickly as possible. Lunch break and theory session to go through what we have learned and address any questions. After lunch, qualifying takes place over 4 laps, of which 2 are timed laps. Finally, we drive 8 free laps, with starting positions based on the qualifying results. This time, we start the race when the red lights go out. VEHICLES Renault Clio PARTICIPANTS No prior knowledge is required, although a category B driving licence is a requirement. MISCELLANEOUS All the course participants can borrow helmets, balaclavas and gloves, if they want.

Frågor & svar

Se till att ta på dig heltäckande bekväma kläder och skor utan klack när du kommer till banan.

Behövs hjälm och balaklava så finns detta att låna.

Ja det går precis lika bra under förutsättning att fordonet har två säten.

När du åker med en rutinerad förare kommer du såklart även få åka med de varv som även erbjuds för att köra själv.

Körkort är ett krav om du ska köra fordonet.

Försäkring ingår, vid skada debiteras en självrisk.

Det går bra att ta med publik, dessa behöver följa anvisningar på plats.