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Do not hesitate to contact us to tailor a conference, trade fair or an event according to special requests so that it fits your business.

With our tailor-made package, we take care of everything necessary and help you find the perfect frame.

We prepare our conference facility in the way that is best for you so that you can focus wholeheartedly on what is important to you.

We exist so that you and your business, association or company can achieve your goals and succeed.

With us, nothing is impossible, just an opportunity for new creative solutions – feel free to try us.

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Experiences on and off the track

We offer a wide range of activities for anyone who wants to experience a day on the track. With us, you can combine driving events with other activities, depending on how long you want to stay. You do everything at one place, within walking distance of the activities.

361 hectares of outdoor and adaptable premises

Drivecenter Arena is the perfect location for everything from trade shows and exhibitions to product launches and festivals. There are a several premises and areas that can be used for the current activity.

One of Drivecenter Arena’s true signature buildings is the spectacular Glashuset. Directly connected to the racing track, it has a lovely terrace around the entire house and airy, bright premises that invite you to a variety of activities.

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