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Drivecenter Arena is an asphalt oasis in the heart of the northern Sweden’s forests, with enormous driving areas that are perfect for all kinds of vehicle testing and other activities.

Of the 360 hectares that make up the site, a massive 80 hectares comprise of asphalt surfaces, which can be utilised with a high level of flexibility. Thanks to the conditions found here, it is possible to carry out realistic testing at full speed without endangering the safety of either man or machine.

Driving surfaces

In the racing arena itself, there is access to several good straights, the longest of which is a staggering two kilometres in length. There are endless opportunities for both off-road and asphalt driving here.

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Drivecenter arena summer track 1

1. Handling track

Length: 500 metres
Width: 35-45 metres

Drivecenter arena summer track 2

2. Handling track

Length: 2,200 metres
Width: 35 metres

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3. Handling track

Length: 2,200 metres
Width: 17 metres

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4. Hill track

Length: 150 metres
Width: 50 metres
Gradient: 3% 250 metres, 9% 100 metres

Drivecenter arena summer track

5. Handling track

Length: 3,300 m
Width: 15 m

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6. Exclusive practice area

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7. Forest tracks

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8. Off-road tracks