Drivecenter arena summer track

Sweden’s longest and most northerly race track has been established in the heart of northern Sweden’s forests, at the disused military airfield in Fällfors, 55 minutes by car from both Skellefteå and Piteå. The track is ideally suited for competitions, trackdays, test activities, safety driving & club meetings. The race track is 4,235 m long, but can also be used in different formats, including shorter versions measuring 3,300 m and 2,000 m. The short-track courses are adapted for e.g. Legend cars or short-format sprint races. The race track has large run-off zones and is now classified for competition and training for cars as well as training for motorcycles. Alongside the track, there are 20 pit boxes and two stands, each containing 2,508 numbered seats. There are also stands offering the possibility of free seating around the track. The race track at Drivecenter Arena is the longest in Scandinavia. It was completed in spring 2019, with a track design created by Austrian Franz Wurz. The season normally extends from 1 May to 15 October. Contact us for bookings or for additional information.

The Racing Circuit

Drivecenter Arena Race Track Map 1

N 65°6'50.5E 20°45'26.1

One of the northernmost courses in the world to benefit from the midnight sun.

5 000st

Grandstands seating 5,000 are available for spectators to enjoy the view.

4 235m

Scandinavia’s longest racing track. Drawn by the Austrian, Franz Wurz.

3 370m

The short track course of 3,370 m is used for training, track days and events with cars and motorbikes.