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Sand Hotel

Sand Hotel was completed in 2020 and has 111 beds. All the rooms have their own WC/shower, and the relatively basic interior is both fresh and inviting for a pleasant stay. There is also access to a kitchenette area, providing you with the opportunity to heat your own food, watch TV or use it as a meeting room. Sand Hotel is just a stone’s throw from the breakfast room and the conference facilities. The other hotel area at Drivecenter Arena is called Vingen, offering 20 B&B-style double rooms and with a breakfast room right on the doorstep. All the rooms have their own TV, but share WCs/showers with each other. In connection with accommodation, you can also book our relaxation facilities, including a sauna and hot tub.

The Glass House

One of Drivecenter Arena’s genuine signature buildings is the spectacular Glass House (Glashuset). Right next to the race track, it has a wonderful terrace around the entire building and bright, airy rooms that invite you to take part in a variety of activities.

The Glass House can host gatherings of up to 250 people, but also offers access to smaller conference rooms of varying sizes. The building is split into two floors, with a large exhibition hall measuring 375 m² on the ground floor. The upper floor is suitable for mingling or VIP events, and there is a complementary 210 inch LED screen.

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Conference rooms

Drivecenter Arena is the perfect location for everything from trade fairs and exhibitions to product launches and festivals. There are a large number of rooms and areas that can be utilised for the specific activity in question. Our meeting rooms are suitable for everything from small groups, right the way up to large gatherings of more than 200 people. The main building has three different conference rooms of varying sizes, the largest of which can accommodate 100 participants in theatre-style seating.

Food and drink

During a visit to Drivecenter Arena, food and drink are always an obvious and natural part of the experience. The aim is to make use of the opportunities offered by local ingredients and unique, seasonal specialities, creating an exciting range of flavours and dishes.

  • Capacity for up to 400 diners in the same building
  • Two fully equipped restaurant kitchens and three bars

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Charging stations for electric cars

In order to meet the growing number of electric cars and plug-in hybrids that our guests are driving, we will be increasing the number of charging points. You can already rest assured that you will be able to charge your car when you visit us. We offer our guests both rapid charging and destination charging.

Pit boxes, tyre workshop and fuel station

There are 20 pit boxes (8×8 m) next to the track, which can be booked in connection with events. There is also a fully equipped workshop/tyre workshop, charging stations for electric vehicles, a fuel station offering 98 octane and diesel, as well as a wash-down pad for washing vehicles. If necessary, our staff can help out to make things easier during your event.

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Race Lounge

Complete Race Lounge along the track’s pit lane, with TVs for timekeeping, sofas and a cafeteria. Perfect for drivers to socialise during their day on the track. There are also changing rooms, showers and WCs in close proximity.

Race control tower

Complete building for competition management, with camera monitoring, a judging room, a conference room, VIP terrace, announcer’s booth. A separate building is provided for the competition office and timing along the start straight.

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The arena has three different stands alongside the race track. Our spectator stands are equipped with plastic seats and can accommodate a total of 5,016 people.