Extraordinary things happens when we get together

The versatility makes Drivecenter Arena the perfect location for a huge range of events. Perfect when it’s time to really focus, regardless of whether you are here for the proximity to racing or not. The location can cater for everything from conferences and team building days, to drinks receptions and dinners.

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Make your heart race

Are you looking for something to raise your heart rate and longing for an adventure?

We offer a stay that combines focused thinking work with exciting activity out on the track, where you experience the speed and adrenaline rush of the sport yourself.

Tailor-made comprehensive package

We can also put together a comprehensive package where the conference passes are supplemented with more relaxed activities.

It can be anything from yoga and a hot tub, to tastings of wine and other delicacies. Just to name a few examples.

The ambition is to offer a stay where conference, food, accommodation and experiences provide new memories.

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Conference packages

We can offer a complete solution where your stay is supplemented with activities, entertainment and overnight stays. Choose one of our ready-made packages or we'll help tailor the arrangement to your wishes.

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Day conference

Book a creative day that is rounded off with fun activities.

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Lunch to lunch

Experience two wonderful conference days at our place

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Customized conference

We tailor your conference to suit your business.