Challenge your limits

Drivecenter Arena welcomes motor enthusiasts from the whole world to one of the northernmost racing tracks in the world. Here you can experience the different possibilities of the seasons. From racing under the light of the midnight sun in summer, to sparkling and snowy experiences that only real winters can offer.

You can of course watch others drive, but also try the tracks yourself.

About us

Drivecenter Arena is a place that celebrates the passion for racing. It’s the sound, the speed and the adrenaline. The joy and community, both on and off the track.

With an impressive 4,200 meters, Drivecenter Arena is the longest racing track in Sweden and an internationally competitive facility for events at the very highest level.

The area of ​​361 hectares allows us to offer fantastic opportunities and activities, with everything from a racing track and workshop to a restaurant, conference rooms and accommodation.

Our vision remains the same as when we started out, and our mission is to communicate joy, security and commitment along the way.

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Become part of the team

Every year, several different events and activities take place at Drivecenter Arena. The Midnight Sun Race and the Drift Masters GP are just two of the highlights.

Training courses, conferences and various corporate events also contribute to the variety seen here every day of the year.

In order for everything to work, we need staff and volunteers to take care of the tasks that have to be performed here every day.

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Our history

Drivecenter Arena AB started operations in 2008 at a disused military base in Fällfors, 50 km northwest of Skellefteå. At the time, it was known as the Skellefteå Drive Center. Since then, test drives and corporate events have been staged there, as well as a skidpan for driving schools in the area.

The then owner, Bengt Astergren, also had a vision right from the early days: To create Sweden’s most northerly race track. Despite all his hard work aimed at developing the course and taking advantage of the conditions in the area, he passed away in 2017 and never got to see his dreams become a reality.

The current owner decided to realise his vision, and in the summer of 2019 the first race Midnight Sun Race was run on the new race track. In the space of a year, the area had been transformed into a facility for thousands of visitors.

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