Our trackdays are a number of selected dates on which you can come and drive on the track using your street-registered car. This represents an easy way for you to give track racing a try. Please note that none of the driving will be in the form of a competition.


Date: Sunday, March 10th, at 10-15

In collaboration with Skellefteå Motorsällskap, we invite you to circuit driving / auto cross.

Circuit driving is an exercise where participants maneuver the car through a course with speed-restricting obstacles in the shortest possible time. One car at a time drives a loop marked with cones; you can choose whether to drive on a drift or a straighter path.

SBF license is required, but you can also obtain a Try-out license (insurance) which is valid for the individual event.


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Facts: Trackday Car


To participate in our Trackdays, you need the SBF “Basic motorsport” licence as a minimum. If you do not have an SBF licence, you can drive with a “trial licence”, after having completed the safety run-through that is held on each occasion. You must also be at least 18 years old and have a category B driving licence. Personal insurance is included with the licence.


Only street-registered cars are permitted to take part in these events. Competition cars with a log book are referred instead to the Racing Training sessions.


When driving, all drivers must wear woollen or cotton full-cover clothing, leather or flame-retardant footwear and helmets. Bring a tarpaulin, oil drain tray and fire extinguisher.


Drivecenter Arena has been issued with a permit through SBF for Trackdays events, and there are qualified staff, lighting systems and camera surveillance on site so that the event can be carried out safely.

Remember: All driving takes place at the driver’s own risk. Trackdays are not a competition, and we show respect to our friends both on and off the track.


An environmental mat is required when refuelling.
The noise limit is max 95 dB.

If you have any questions

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