Our training sessions are designed for people with competition vehicles. The sessions are primarily aimed at future racing drivers, as well as teams and drivers who want to conduct testing ahead of upcoming races. The track is staffed in accordance with Svensk Bilsport’s rules RA 1.4.1.

More about Test & Training
  • Drivers with an approved racing licence issued by Svensk Bilsport.
  • Full personal equipment is required in accordance with current class regulations.
  • Competition vehicles require a log book
  • When you check in, you will receive a sticker that must be affixed visibly on your car.
  • Driving starts at 16.00 and ends at 21.00.
  • We follow a schedule with fixed times, with each hour being divided into 20 minute sessions
Legends Racing Legend Cars Bilsport Drivecenter Arena 2
Licensutbildning Racing Bil Motorsport Drivecenter Arena 7

To be announced during the spring.


Group 1: Body Group 2: Legend Cars Group 3: Formula Group 4: MC

Facts: Test & Training


In order to participate in our testing and training sessions, you need at least an SBF “Racing” licence.


Competition cars with a log book according to Racing, Rally, Rallycross or Supersaloon rules. Time Attack cars with at least a half-cage are welcome. We refer other entries to the Trackdays for street-registered cars.


Full personal equipment in accordance with current competition class regulations. Bring a tarpaulin, oil drain tray and fire extinguisher.


Drivecenter Arena has been issued with a permit through Svensk Bilsport, and there are qualified staff, lighting systems, an ambulance and camera surveillance on site so that training can be carried out safely. Remember: All driving takes place at the driver’s own risk.


The noise limit is max 95 dB.

If you have any questions

Please contact us at .