Winter Driving Challenge

Explore your skills on snow

At the Winter Driving Challenge event, everyone is welcome to experience the power and precision of driving. Our driving coach will guide you through turns, acceleration, and braking.

Whether you’re curious to learn the basics or looking to refine your driving skills, this event is designed to have fun and challenge yourself.

If you want to extend the experience, you can also book for the After Race. Our bistro will be open in the evening, offering great food and enjoyable company.


3:00 PM Gates open
4:00-4:30 PM Gathering and briefing
4:30-6:30 PM Activity on the track
6:00 PM After race at the bistro

Friday, January 5th
Friday, February 2nd
Friday, March 1st
(Saturday March 2nd, 10.00 am)

No prior experience required apart from a driver’s license of category B.

2495 SEK p.p. A limited number of tickets available.

Dinner, 345 SEK Check our menu
Accommodation with breakfast, 795/995 SEK

Note: Pre-booking required.

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Make sure to wear full-cover comfortable clothes and flat shoes when you arrive at the track.

If a helmet and balaclava are needed, these are available to borrow.

“Yes, it works just as well provided the vehicle has two seats.

When riding with an experienced driver, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the laps offered for self-driving.”

A driver’s license is required if you’re going to drive the vehicle.

Insurance is included; however, in case of damage, there will be a deductible.

It’s fine to bring companions; they’ll need to follow instructions given on-site.