Race Taxi

Take the opportunity to ride around the track with an experienced driver in one of our cars. Here you get a ride in the passenger’s seat beside a racing driver, covering 4 laps of the race track. Breathtaking in terms of both the acceleration as well as the power of the brakes. PARTICIPANTS No prior knowledge is required. PRICE From SEK 1,995 incl VAT.


Make sure to wear full-cover comfortable clothes and flat shoes when you arrive at the track.

If a helmet and balaclava are needed, these are available to borrow.

“Yes, it works just as well provided the vehicle has two seats.

When riding with an experienced driver, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the laps offered for self-driving.”

A driver’s license is required if you’re going to drive the vehicle.

Insurance is included; however, in case of damage, there will be a deductible.

It’s fine to bring companions; they’ll need to follow instructions given on-site.