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Crazy Car

Here you will need to scratch your head a little. We have a large area on which a track has been laid out. You have to get through this cone track as quickly as you can. Sounds simple – but is it that simple?

Maskinisten Gravare Gravskopa Minigravare Drivecenter Arena Upplevelse Event Kick off 2

The mechanic

A childhood dream might come true! Try digging in our giant sandbox using a mini excavator.

Drivecenter offroad bana ovningsomrade 2 polaris rzr

Off-road Polaris RZR

You get to drive our playful Polaris RZR on an off-road track. The aim is to drive around the track in lap times as even as possible.

Upplev Event Racing Drivecenter Arena Racingupplevelse Pitstop Challange 1

Pit stop challenge

Here you get the chance to challenge yourself and your friends in the fastest “tyre change”. Against the clock, side-by-side.

Upplev Event Racing Vinter Drivecenter Arena Parallelslalom 1

Parallel slalom

We set up two slalom courses where you compete against each other. The “safest” driver, the one who doesn’t knock over any cones, has the best chance of winning the final victory.

Upplev Event Racing Drivecenter Arena Racingupplevelse Legend 1

Track racing with Legend Cars

Here you have the opportunity to drive with our Legend Cars. A car whose appearance is reminiscent of the USA in the 1930s and 1940s.

Modern Yamaha engines under the shell ensure that these cars have a really potent power-to-weight ratio. New cars were bought in for 2022, with Yamaha’s fuel-injected engine producing almost 120 hp.

The activity starts with a drivers’ meeting, including theory and a run-through of how individuals are expected to act on a race track as well as how the car works. After that, the participants get to drive on the race track, with an instructor who trains you based on your previous experience.

The recommended maximum height for drivers in these cars is 190-195 cm.

Upplev Event Racing Drivecenter Arena Racingupplevelse Clio Cup 2

Track racing with Clio Cup

Here you get to try out our Clio Cup cars – a racing car manufactured by Renault that competes in series all over the world. With a lively turbo engine, sequential gearbox and racing chassis, it’s a really great driving experience. We always start with a drivers’ meeting, including a run-through of how you are expected to act on a race track and how the car works. You then drive behind an instructor, who will show you the fastest lines.