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Risk training covers areas such as speed, safety and driving in different road and weather conditions. A manoeuvre course is included in this element, during which you will get to try out, test and experience risky situations in a safe way.

The risk training enables you to increase your understanding of:
– The car’s behaviour and the risk of overestimating its driving ability.
– How to avoid risks in traffic and not overestimate your own driving skills.
– Knowledge of how speed affects the car’s behaviour and braking distance.

You must undergo the risk training at the end of your driving instruction, as good driving skills are required.

If you have already scheduled your driving test, you can book an appointment a week or so before. You must bring your booking confirmation with you to the course, as well as valid ID.

When you arrive at Drivecenter Arena, we will gather in the lecture room in the conference building. We use automatic cars in connection with the practical exercises. We will notify the Swedish Transport Agency when you have passed Risk Training part 2.

The training is conducted on Wednesdays from 12.00-15.30 – please arrive on time.

The training costs SEK 2,600 per person.

To cancel or change of time of your booking, contact no later than 3 business days before your course date,. In the event of illness, call 0912-200 40.