Utbildning Foretagsutbildning Koromrade Riskutbildning Maskinforare Buss Godstrafik Lastmaskiner Korkort 2

Risk-2 MC is a practical course covering the risks that can arise in connection with riding a motorcycle.

At Drivecenter Arena, we carry out risk training for authorisation:
A – Heavy motorcycle
A2 – Medium-sized motorcycle

The purpose of the course is to make you a safer and better rider. The training covers areas such as speed, safety and driving in different road and weather conditions. A manoeuvre course is included in this element, during which you will get to try out, test and experience risky situations in a safe way.

For your own safety and to satisfy the training requirements, it is important for you to be in the final stage of your driving licence instruction. You must bring your booking confirmation with you to the course, as well as valid ID.

The training takes place between 08.00-13.00. Please arrive at 07.45 for an ID check.

Drivecenter Arena provides the motorcycles.

You are responsible for bringing other equipment, such as motorcycle clothing and shoes, back protector, gloves and helmet.

SEK 3,500 per person. Lunch is included in the price.

To cancel or change of time of your booking, contact no later than 3 business days before your course date.

Note: If there are no times available to book, you can contact us at