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During this experience-based training, you will get to take part in realistic and fun training exercises, where you can improve your driving skills and acquire knowledge about of how modern car systems work. Examples of exercises: Braking, swerving, skidding. Here, the participants learn, in a realistic setting, how to handle an emergency situation that may rise in traffic. The training includes a theory element, during which we talk about the risks that exist when driving, the cars’ driver-assistance systems, as well as strategies to resort to in the event of an emergency on the road. Driving on a handling track, the participants get to practice cornering and experience/test the cars’ technology and driver-assistance systems. The training is rounded off with coffee/tea and an assessment of the day’s driving.

The training lasts for 6 hours with a lunch break, usually from 09.00-15.00.

Bring your own car or hire one from us.

Drivers of all levels.

Swedish or English.

ECO-driving – CPR Adult

We also tailor arrangements to suit your needs, and the training can also be offered in combination with a conference.

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Examples of programmes

09.00 Theory run-through with coffee and a sandwich 10.00 Handling track with various braking and evasive manoeuvre exercises 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Handing track with various bends and skidding. 14.30-15.00 Summary with coffee and a cake.