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We are looking for an energetic, quality-conscious operator to manage our restaurants and cafeteria. The role also includes catering activities and various types of events.

Over time, the former military airbase in Fällfors has evolved into a state-of-the-art motoring facility, hosting both local and international events. The Arena’s offering also includes training, conferences, corporate events and other seasonal activities, delivering considerable variety through the year. “Development is a major part of our day-to-day operations. Since the inauguration of Scandinavia’s longest race track in 2019, there has been investment in a 111-bed hotel and our conference facilities have been upgraded in modern Scandinavian style. We also have great ambitions for our 361 hectare site,” says Karin Näsström, Site Manager for Drivecenter Arena. Restaurants in line for an upgrade Food and drink are an important part of the overall experience for visitors. As a result, we are now looking for a new restaurateur to take on responsibility for running the Arena’s restaurants and cafeteria. The role also includes catering activities for a range of events. “Our operations are based on working in collaboration with others. The Arena is a meeting place for a wide-ranging clientele, which is why it is important for us to find an energetic entrepreneur who can focus on the needs of the customer,” says Karin Näsström. The aim is to find a suitable individual before the renovation work begins, in order to be able to collaborate as regards planning the design and equipment. Facts

  • Planned reopening of restaurant May 2023
  • Capacity for up to 400 diners in the same building
  • Two fully equipped restaurant kitchens and three bars
  • A fully equipped mobile restaurant/food truck
  • 80 hectares of asphalt for events and activities

Send your application to . The selection process and interviews are conducted continually. Final application date 15/01/2023.   For more information, please contact: Karin Näsström, Site Manager Drivecenter Arena +46 912-200 43