Our trackdays are a number of selected dates on which you can come and drive on the track using your street-registered motorcycle. This represents an easy way for you to give track racing a try. Please note that none of the driving will be in the form of a competition.

Facts: Trackday MC

During Trackday MC, you can drive on Drivecenter Arena’s race track and sign up to either a street group or a licence group.

We conduct a mandatory safety run-through 45 minutes before the start, after which we follow a schedule with fixed times.

Each occasion includes five 20-minute driving sessions, according to a set schedule.

Dates 2023:
5 July
19 July
11-13 August

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Facts: Trackday MC[/vc_custom_heading]


Street group
The street group drives with standard vehicle insurance and road-approved motorcycles. During the Trackdays, Drivecenter Arena offers a “trial licence” with Svemo, which provides additional accident insurance (applies to the driver, not the motorcycle). It is therefore important for you to provide your personal ID number when registering.

Licence group
A group for riders who are licensed by Svemo and have a motorcycle that is approved by Svemo.


Each rider must have approved safety equipment.


There is an ambulance with trained staff on site, and we recommend that you have your own accident insurance. All driving takes place at the rider’s own risk.


Requirement for environmental mat in the pit area.
Noise limit of max 95 dB.

For more information, please see: Trackday MC Guide

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